Thursday, December 16, 2010

final video art: retrorum.

i created this piece and titled it "retrorum" meaning reverse in Latin. special thanks for the original music score. it was compliments of a dear friend of mine, mc enigma. hope you enjoyed.

*comments that I was unable to leave on anyones projects are as follows:


Matyia- your nail art piece was very interesting, I only wish that you would have made more of a scene. Clio your toe nails, paint them, spread your polish box everywhere. That would have been funny. I like the concept though.
Alaina- I love that you dragged keyboards all over the most vain street in Tampa. Bayshore was a prime place for performance art. I thought that your project was truly exquisite and so different that than thuy's piece. You both did similar concepts but explored them in different ways. Well done.
Sean- time standing still was perhaps one of my favorite pieces that you made in the class. I loved the green man suit and the fact that you had so many pictures taken of you. The drunk old man at the end was priceless. Nice job pal.
Natasha- I enjoyed your tv screen that you sat behind and the click of the remote to change to a new frame in your film. Very interesting concept.
Alex- your drunk prego lady performance was epic! I love love loved that you did it right in front of starbucks in Hyde park. Priceless.


Matyia- your brainteasers on your xerox project weee unreal. So cool. Definitely very unique and nostalgic. I haven't done those things since elementary school.
Nate- love your tryptic kaleidoscope replication of one photo. So powerful as a ehole image.
Sean- I liked your collaboration of both color and b&w xerox prints. The soccer ball was a nice touch and I really liked that it was a mobile shape.
Matt- nice wii controllers and combination of video game technology and human anatomy.
Natasha- I liked your palm tree the hands as frawns were a very interesting approach.


Bianca- loved the pacman mixture with all of your paintings from valle's class. Nice work girl, I digged it.
Alaina- very John cage. Loved the walking sounds and reflecting of the fluorescent light onto the floor. The slow degeneration of the clips as time goes on is epic.
Natasha- your supermario idea was hilarious and amazing. Wish there would have been audio, but loved that your crushed the mushroom.
Matyia- you really did look like a monster and with the beginning Godzilla audio I was instantly intrigued. I almost thought you eeere going to have that beginning music snip going into pharaoh monche's Simon says, which would have been amazing. Nice filters.
Sean- loved that this piece spanned across many screens. Well done and definitely a great choice of wardrobe I liked that you were washed out in white on a white background.
Matt- love the marshmallow idea, but I wish there would have been more to it. Maybe have the two people throw candy at the camera or something.
Maureen- I identified a lot with your piece about how we can see art in everything. Well said and put together. Way to go girl.
Julia- you addressed all the things I fear about my relationship with my father in your piece. I Never cry but your piece made the tears well up. That's saying something right there. Best of luck to you and all you do Julia.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

jim campbell.

     jim campbell is a very eclectic artist. he experiments with installations that play with light and the human interaction. i love his massive boards of light that alter themselves based on the viewer. his style of work is one that definitely overcomes the "post modern crisis" to a certain extent. since many of his artist works react in real time with the audience, most of his art is not truly in existence unless someone unknowing to his concepts delves themselves into it. for that fact, and that alone, he is an artist that resonates with me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

pipilotti rist: the invasion of color.

     pipilotti rist, originally named elizabeth, is a video-artist who explores the themes of the human body, gender, and sexuality. she is known for her utilization of colors and unique video installations.
     such an installation can be seen to the left in the photograph. in roterdam, she created this environment where individuals could unconventionally view and enjoy her color-bursting films.
     i would love to experience an exhibition such as this since it is very rare for gallery's and museums to be so casual. the viewing process is as much the art as the film itself.

damien hirst: vivid art.

     Damien Hirst is a very interesting artist. the above photo is of an actual human skull which has been encrusted with 8,601 flawless diamonds, including a pear-shaped pink diamond located in the forehead. Costing £14 million to produce, the work went on display at the White Cube gallery in London in an exhibition Beyond belief with an asking price of £50 million. This would have been the highest price ever paid for a single work by a living artist.
     He also is known for his extraordinary preservations of animals in formaldehyde encasing for display shown in the image below. For more information visit his website.

Monday, November 29, 2010

musique concrete.

     a french term and musical movement that didn't limit music to just sounds and voices. it was an electroacoustic style that until the late 1940s it was unheard of. french artist pierre schaeffer is thought to be the original mastermind of the musical artform.

    concrete music was the gateway to the dj era of the early 90s, when raves were the popular scene and loud speakers were expected. house music today gains much of its characteristics from its musical ancestors.

*the video i've embedded below is the perfect branch between the past vocal looping of musique concrete & techno with today's world and the endless technology we have at our fingertips. i  present to you DUB FX.

music of the silent: john cage.

     i'd like to think that the name john cage is synonymous with musical genius, composer, philosopher, and  creative being. there is nothing i enjoy more than an "out-of-the-box" opinion. to decontextualize something as something inobvious puts a smile on my face. in my opinion the essence of john cage and his views on sound & music can be replicated into many things: those pathetic little "soothing sound machines" that put people to sleep, the music of silent human thought, and of course STOMP!

*enjoy the following video.